By 2021, 5G chips will reach the level of 5 nanometers, and Shanghai has released the development target of 5G industry

Recently, the Shanghai economic and information committee issued "Shanghai 5 g industry development and application of innovation action plan for three years (2019-2021)" (hereinafter referred to as the action plan for three years), pointed out to the city of Shanghai in 2021 5 g industry will achieve the goal of "the three billions", namely, 5 g manufacturing, software and information services, application industry reached 100 billion yuan。

At the same time, there are more than 300 enterprises in Shanghai with a 5G industrial chain, more than 5 leading enterprises in the national top 100 electronic enterprises and more than 8 enterprises with a scale of 10 billion yuan。

The three-year action plan also sets requirements for 5G chip technology, key components of the 5G industry and 5G equipment:

By 2021, jinqiao, zhangjiang, caohejing, huawei park and G60 technology innovation corridor will form a "five-pole" gathering of 5G industries。5G chips have reached the world's leading level of 5-nanometer technology, breakthroughs have been made in key devices of medium and high frequency rf, optical devices and other industry bottlenecks, 5G test equipment, modules, terminals and base station equipment have achieved mass production, and indoor digital system (DIS) has been applied on a scale。

The three-year action plan will focus on the development of 5G core chips as one of the main tasks, proposing to increase support for research and development of 5G baseband chips, rf chips and SOC chips。Among them, the technology node of baseband chip enters 5 nanometers to launch chip products that meet the requirements of 5G scale commercial use。

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