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Jiaxing Heroic Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in August 2006

Jiaxing Heroic Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. established in August 2006, is an "integrated circuit design enterprise" recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China in jiaxing region, specializing in integrated circuit product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises。Company with many domestic famous scientific research institutes and factories established close ties, relying on powerful r&d strength, talent advantage and information advantage, combined with jiaxing and surrounding areas rich industrial foundation, innovation system and strong government support, the integrated circuit, electronic systems, electronic components and computer software technology development, technical services, technical advice, achievement transfer, production sales and other fields developing rapidly。

At present, the main production, sales of products have four categories

(1) audio amplifier IC; (2) motor drive IC; (3) power management IC; (4) D/A converter

The company implements a market-oriented business model. On the one hand, it takes the market as the orientation, conducts forward-looking analysis on the market development trend and government policy orientation, and then launches integrated circuit products that meet the needs of the market. On the other hand, the company also provides ASIC services to develop a variety of specialized integrated circuits and low-cost systems and circuit solutions for customer needs。In addition, the company gradually evolves and improves the management mechanism in the development, improves the work efficiency, accelerates the design speed, shortens the design cycle, in order to meet the changing market demand。

Enterprise culture

Harbored lofty ambitions, the courage to open up the spirit of innovation

Purpose of the enterprise

Customer first, quality assurance, co-construction and sharing。

The spirit of enterprise

Unity and consensus, innovation and pragmatic, science and technology revitalized enterprises

Core values

Integrity, the courage to leap, the pursuit of excellence,

The development course


The company was founded


The first batch of domestic audio amplifier IC factory


The first HT6809 led the domestic bluetooth speaker to the world


Innovative launch of built-in booster amplifier HT8692


Integrated AGC, battery tracking, I2C, temperature limit and other functions in one amplifier HT862 is available


Digital amplifier with I2S input is available