Suddenly turn around! ARM backtrack commitment, domestic chips again encountered challenges

Huawei, apple, samsung and qualcomm are all famous global technology giants, whose chip products have reached the world-class level. Although the chip technology of these big factories is very advanced, the technology they need to rely on comes from one company, the powerful ARM enterprise. Whether it is apple A series, qualcomm's snapdragon chip or huawei's kirin CPU, they all need to obtain the architecture from ARM to realize the complete upgrade of products。In fact, ARM controls the upstream design of the entire smartphone chip industry。

The just-launched huawei qilin 990 does not use the latest version of cortex-a77 architecture, so the performance score advantage is not obvious. According to news, next year's qualcomm, apple and samsung flagship cpus will all adopt the new cortex-a77 architecture, which is expected to significantly improve the computing power of 5G phones。However, the good news is that ARM has already announced that the future chip architecture can be licensed to huawei, which could put pressure on apple qualcomm related products。

Notably, ARM recently officially announced a collaboration with gm and Toyota to develop a new generation of self-driving gm computing system。That means future driverless cars will use chips from ARM on a large scale. Industry insiders pointed out that ARM did not have relevant chip plans before, but now began to get involved in automotive chip design, which will undoubtedly cause technology competition to domestic related chip products。From the perspective of industrial chain, domestic chips have already entered the field of unmanned driving, while ARM's sudden entry will add more market variables。