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Talent concept

Respect talent, management talent, talent is the first capital of the enterprise, herun electronic practice, talent is the first capital of the enterprise, committed to creating a humanized organizational environment and atmosphere

Herun electronics always insists on respecting talents and managing talents, so that each member is professional, jingye, dedicated and happy, and forms a solid community of interests and undertakings with each member, and creates a career, common growth and win-win future with each member

We adhere to the concept of DE first employment, every herun electronic people must understand and abide by the basic professional standards; We need to have a higher cultural accomplishment and good business quality, and herun electronics together, hard pioneering excellent character of talent; We adhere to the principle of fair and healthy competition, for every talent to provide an excellent position development platform; We provide competitive compensation and benefits, complete personal development and training opportunities for each employee to make continuous progress and achieve maximum value in a challenging work environment!


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